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The East Wing is a state of the art post production studio working with brands across the UK and the world. We specialise in both audio and visual capabilities designed to meet all your delivery requirements.

With expertise and significant experience in delivering across multiple formats – including broadcast, advertising, film and video game soundtracks - our experienced team offer a personal service focused on delivering best in class results.

“If I had 30 seconds to talk about The East Wing, I’d probably use it to make them sound better. They seem to be able to do it with everything else I write…”

— Steve Carroll, Creative Director, Cravens


EVE Valkyrie Soundtrack - Under The Gun

Eve Valkyrie soundtrack – Under the Gun

So after much discussion with the nice people at CCP games we decided rather than releasing a one off sound track for the game it would be more fun to do one track a month for the next how ever many months and make a bigger deal of each piece of music in it's own right.

So to kick off in time for the fanfest in April we've started with ‘Under the Gun’ which is the soundtrack to the Team Death Match...if you don't know what TDM is's a bit of background.

Each of the two teams involved in a Deathmatch has a pool of available pilot clones. Each time you or a teammate dies and respawns, a clone is removed from the remaining total.

If you manage to wipe out the opposing team’s clone pool or have more clones left when the timer runs out you claim victory.

EVE Valkyrie

So Valkyrie composer Rich McCoull set about creating a sound track style arrangement of the interactive music from the game. With help from CCP’s own Ash Reid they have put together something we think is both true to the game music but feels more like a track you put on and listen to in its own right.

We brought in some extra musicians as well to again bring something new to the table from the in game version.

Tom Bacon, Drummer. Tom works for D’Darrio and having worked with Rich before was more than happy to perform on the track. We recreated some of the percussion and drum tracks from the game with Tom performing and recording them in The East Wing studios.

Eliza Lawson, Vocalist.

Last year Rich and Eliza tried an experiment where she lefther comfort zone where you’d usually find her singing on soul, RnB and funk tracks and they experimented with some soundtrack music…the results were…really cool . So this was the perfect opportunity to try it again.

Under the Gun was mixed and mastered in studio 1 here at the East Wing.

So, here’s the final track.

Hope you like it and it suitably prepares you for the following battle!