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The East Wing is a state of the art post production studio working with brands across the UK and the world. We specialise in both audio and visual capabilities designed to meet all your delivery requirements.

With expertise and significant experience in delivering across multiple formats – including broadcast, advertising, film and video game soundtracks - our experienced team offer a personal service focused on delivering best in class results.

“If I had 30 seconds to talk about The East Wing, I’d probably use it to make them sound better. They seem to be able to do it with everything else I write…”

— Steve Carroll, Creative Director, Cravens


EVE Valkyrie Soundtrack - Under The Gun

Eve Valkyrie soundtrack – Under the Gun

So after much discussion with the nice people at CCP games we decided rather than releasing a one off sound track for the game it would be more fun to do one track a month for the next how ever many months and make a bigger deal of each piece of music in it's own right.

So to kick off in time for the fanfest in April we've started with ‘Under the Gun’ which is the soundtrack to the Team Death Match...if you don't know what TDM is's a bit of background.

Each of the two teams involved in a Deathmatch has a pool of available pilot clones. Each time you or a teammate dies and respawns, a clone is removed from the remaining total.

If you manage to wipe out the opposing team’s clone pool or have more clones left when the timer runs out you claim victory.

EVE Valkyrie

So Valkyrie composer Rich McCoull set about creating a sound track style arrangement of the interactive music from the game. With help from CCP’s own Ash Reid they have put together something we think is both true to the game music but feels more like a track you put on and listen to in its own right.

We brought in some extra musicians as well to again bring something new to the table from the in game version.

Tom Bacon, Drummer. Tom works for D’Darrio and having worked with Rich before was more than happy to perform on the track. We recreated some of the percussion and drum tracks from the game with Tom performing and recording them in The East Wing studios.

Eliza Lawson, Vocalist.

Last year Rich and Eliza tried an experiment where she lefther comfort zone where you’d usually find her singing on soul, RnB and funk tracks and they experimented with some soundtrack music…the results were…really cool . So this was the perfect opportunity to try it again.

Under the Gun was mixed and mastered in studio 1 here at the East Wing.

So, here’s the final track.

Hope you like it and it suitably prepares you for the following battle!

Gala Bingo - Where happy happens

Gala Bingo - Where Happy happens

Having Spent the last few years working on the Gala Bingo commercials we were tasked with creating a musical arrangement for the launch of their new campaign that took place inside a magical, fun-filled world.

Filmed in Riga, Latvia, the ad follows 4 lucky players on a bingo-themed golf buggy in this world of yellow and blue happy and fantastic experiences,  with exclusive games, celebrities, in-jokes for bingo fans and an endless array of entertainment.

Using their signature track of Na Na hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye we went back to the source, referencing the original Steam version as opposed to the Bananarama cover that had been used on other commercials.

Working with great talents such as Dave Hignett (Trumpets), Andrea Devere (Sax),  Richard Dudley (guitar), Tom Bacon (Drums), David Gray (Trombone) and Andy Garner (Keys) we helped shape the world into the party they wanted it to be.

Sound Effects were added to maximise the effect of the huge amount of Visual FX that had been incorporated, managing to make the world both fun and believable.

From jingles to opera, the diversity with which we’ve arranged the track over the years has been a rewarding challenge, and one which we look forward to doing again....and again..and again :)

Sunday for Sammy 2016 

Sunday for Sammy 2016

Working alongside award winning director Geoff Wonfor (Beatles Anthology, The White Room) again was an absolute riot, helped considerably by the comedy stylings of The Aufweidersehen Pet lads, Denise Welch, Jason Cook and the late, great Brendan Healy.

Sunday for Sammy is held every 2 years in memory of the late actor Sammy Johnson in Newcastle upon Tyne's City hall.

The first show was performed in 2000, and has featured a whole host of stars from the worlds of TV, theatre and music. They frequently sell out the shows in hours, raising funds for creative, talented and enthusiastic young performing artists around the North East. 

Some past performers includ Auf Wiedersehen Pet's  Kevin Whately, Jimmy Nail, Timothy Spall and Christoper Fairbank, along with Ray Jackson, Charlie Hardwick, Billy Mitchell, Stephen Tomkinson and Jill Halfpenny: while many of the cast appear regularly in the show, the final bill is never made public and surprise guests in recent years have included AC/DC's Brian Johnson and Mark Knopfler. 

This being the eighth installment of Sunday For Sammy we came on board at the early stages, editing, sound mixing and creating the graphical interludes that would appear throughout the two sell-out shows. Before finishing the job with the online edit, colour grade and 5.1 audio mix ready for delivery to dvd.

It was also a great opportunity to finally meet and work with legendary producer/ director Chris Cowey (Top of the Pops)

Whilst being a technical achievement from our point of view, the show itself managed to include a prophetic joke about Donald Trump becoming president of the United States of America, which doesn’t seem as funny now.




EVE: Valkyrie. Composer

The East Wing In house composer, Rich McCoull has just completed the sound track for Oculus Rift game EVE:Valkyrie

The game was developed by CCP games as one of the titles that would be bundled with Oculus rift on its launch. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that supports 360 degree visuals to total immerse the gamer in an other world environment. Having tried definitely does that! 

The game has already been called “Oculus Rift’s flagship VR game” by Bloomberg, EVE: Valkyrie is an award-winning, multi-player dog-fighting game that has been built with one goal in mind, to harness the very latest advances in virtual reality technology. It is a truly immersive journey that capture the rush and excitement of being a real spaceship pilot in the midst of combat.  USA Today has stated that EVE: Valkyrie is “perhaps the greatest showcase of virtual reality’s potential.”

After discussions with the team at CCP they were really keen on very strong percussion and powerful basslines. They were keen not to do anything to traditional...after all this is the launch game for a brand new technology...and its in space!

We hope to keep posting more extracts from the game sound track as they are released online

For more info on the game got to


Emirates - ICE TV sponsorships

At the beginning of the year we were lucky enough to write the music and create the sound design for these fantastic Emirates in-flight sponsorship idents  - ICE TV.

Emirates' "ICE" system (which stands for Information, Communication, Entertainment) allows passengers to keep up with the news, send emails, and browse over 1,800 channels of movies, games, and television throughout every flight.

The project we were involved with was to provide sound for the sponsorships that precede each film.

Here's a few to have a look at

Car chase around the Emirates logo - what else would you expect :)

Piices of composed music and sound sesign audio that link through the decades from radio - television - right through to HD

Similar to the first Essential TV except all sound design

Three composed pieces of music 'in one' - the challenge here was  to try and fit something for everyone into 15 sec!!!

Film club had to sound classic - with vinyl crackles and all, but with the grandeur of any Hollywood Block buster!

This one was a little more light hearted, music and sound design for the natural world!


What's your Gala la la? - audio production, TV commercials

This year we've been doing more TV and radio adverts for Gala Bingo.

The original set of adverts which were hugely successful were based on the idea of the nation singing 'Gala la la'. There were multiple location around the country where groups or individuals would spontaneously erupt into song...Gala la la la...Gala la la la...Hey Hey Hey...Bingo!

This time the idea was to be a bit more personal, so the creative explores 3 gala bingo members and 'what's their gala la la?' 

3 different scenarios were filmed - directed by Henry Scholfield - whose showreel includes well known work with pop artists such as Take that. So it goes without saying that each of the commercials looks superb and all have a real 'pop promo' feel about them.

First this year, we had 'Emma sails' where a lady finds herself on a yacht with a crew of very tanned sailors....and a couple of small dogs?!

For this we were asked to write an arrangement of the original 'Kiss him good night' track with the new Gala la melody that was more of an electro pop 80's feel - referencing Duran Duran. It was a great chance to dig out some synthesizers and emulations that probably haven't seen much use in the last 10 years!

The following concept was 'Lisa Rides' A direct nod to the popular TV series 'Poldark.' Where two young lovers gallop across the countryside.

The brief here was to transform the same music track into something that would be in keeping with the cinematic and period nature of the imagery. Epic orchestration and subtle glockenspiel outlines the lovers tale in this 30 second  short story.

The final in the st of 3 is 'Showtime' ....this one is pretty self explanatory and we had to come up with yet another music arrangement of the 'kiss him goodbye' track. This one with brass and more of a lounge/big band feel. We called on the services of local brass players Andrea De Vere (saxophone) and Dave Hignett (Trumpet) to help us bring the new arrangement to life.

These ads are always loads of fun to work on whether composing new musical arrangements or doing the sound mixing. We look forward to seeing what next year has to offer from the Gala bingo ads. 




The East Wing Promo 2015

The promo was completed back in March, and we've had some crazy definitely is a promo with a difference....Finally I've had time to sit down and put some photos together and just review a little bit about what we did.

The idea initially appeared in a discussion with director James Cook who we work with on a regular basis. James heard the piece of music we had written (or an earlier version of it) and pointed out that as it grew into something huge we needed to have visuals to he came back to us with a proposal that we did not expect....Tolkien VS Geiger....creatively it matched the music so closely that it was uncanny.

The only question was how would be pull it off, in a reasonable time frame and on the budget we had set aside? 

James Cook, Director with Abi Lewis AD1

James and I both thought of the same person to play the lead characters..Fifi Galore is a Newcastle based fire dancer, model and angle grinder. We bth new she would be perfect and she jumped at the chance to be invled. 

Fifi Galore, Elf

We are lucky enough to be based just around the corner from Picture Canning north who have a green screen studio and of course every bit of kit you'd need for a high end production.

Amira camera

All of the crew we used were from Newcastle upon Tyne. Camera operator Tom Finch and Gaffer Tony Cook

Camera operator Tom Finch with James Cook

The next big issue was how to get Fifi to look like 2 very different characters. For this James found Laura Tallentine, make up artist who came up with some incredible work to transform Fifi into our 2 characters. Doing all of the make up and body painting for the 2 section within the space of a 1 day shoot!!

Laura Tallentine and Fifi Galore
Fifi in full body paint and head dress

A one day shoot was incredible ambitious to get all of this done but we managed it, finishing very late...but finishing nevertheless

Fifi 'Climbing'

So, once we had come to the end of the shoot we remembered that we were originally  an Audio post we then had to get our music back on top as  the stand out part of the video....after all of the amazing visual work that was talking place that was not going to be easy.

We brought in a fantastic string section - Ed Cross, Josephine Montgomery, Laura Newton, Ele Leckie

Josephine Montgomery Violin
Laura Newton Viola
Ed Cross Violin
Ele Leckie Cello

Once we had replaced the programmed strings with live players we recorded opera singer Ruth Lackenby-Jones as our vocalist.

The combination of live instrumentation and programmed parts worked beautifully, and gave the soundtrack it's own character.  We brought in Mick Hedley to assist with the String recording - Mick has been responsible for recording all of the orchestras in the Kings Hall for a number of years now. The main hall in in Kingsland church provided us with an ideal location to get a 'cinematic' orchestral feel. The soundtrack had to show a wide range of musical style whilst also telling the story set out in our concept.



Main hall Kingsland church studios , Mick and Rich start setting up

There's probably a ton of stuff I've missed out, but that the basis of what we did , so I guess if you haven't already seen it is.....'The soundtrack to your vision'...

Fred Perry / Nigel Cabourn - composer, video editing, sound design

We were lucky enough to work on a beautiful project with Alex Telfer just before Christmas, providing bespoke music, sound design and video editing services. Nigel Cabourn has just created a new line of vintage clothing inspired by Fred Perry's 1929 table tennis wear.

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