The East Wing - Post Production Studio. Voice over recording, ISDN studio, Dubbing, Sound Design, Composer, video edit.

Post Production Studio


The East Wing is a state of the art post production studio working with brands across the UK and the world. We specialise in both audio and visual capabilities designed to meet all your delivery requirements.

With expertise and significant experience in delivering across multiple formats – including broadcast, advertising, film and video game soundtracks - our experienced team offer a personal service focused on delivering best in class results.

“If I had 30 seconds to talk about The East Wing, I’d probably use it to make them sound better. They seem to be able to do it with everything else I write…”

— Steve Carroll, Creative Director, Cravens


Correcting or altering dialogue has become an unavoidable part of audio post in television, and has quickly developed into the single biggest element of “fixing it in post”.

We can handle all of your Automated Dialogue Replacement or additional dialogue recording needs, whether for small-scale indie films or larger projects. Because sound is an unpredictable beast, we come well-equipped for ADR sessions with a large, well-lit 4.6m by 2.4m booth

We can link up with other studios via ISDN or Source Connect so you can direct the session from a Studio in your area whilst we record the vocal track locally here in Newcastle. And you’ll be in good company: most recently we recorded ADR for 24 Live Another Day, Vera, ITV's Miss Marple, Sky 1's Strike Back, The BBC's The Paradise and Hebburn.